Middleware has access to the HTTP request and response for each route (or path)

In Express App

what if we want to check somthing before the actual business logic

Keys to success

Invest in yourself

Don’t stop learning ,

Don’t stop listening,

Keep bettering yourself and learn from every new experience you have

Compare yourself only to your past self

Don’t make the mistake of comparing your progress to anyone elses, all that matters is , are you better than you were yesterday?

Accept your past and move on from it

Use your past experiences to help…

Css units are confusing !

Px (absolute)

Avoid using ‘px’ for font-sizes. Use mostly for small details like border and shadow.

  • Fixed in size
  • Not responsive
  • Overrides user’s browser preferences

% (relative)

i recommend using percentages for layouts and width/height. For example, laying out links on navbar, placing images inside a div , etc

Habits define who you are : Better habits == Better programmer & Better Person

Personal Projects

Personal learning and side projects add great value to your career

You improve your skills

You become more creative

You expand and diversify your portfolio and apportunities

Your passion is re-fuelled

Time Management

A good programmer knows how…

What it means ?

Promise in javascript means the same as in real life you promise somthing to your friends,the either your fulfit it or you can’t . Similarly a Promise might either be resolved or rejected

Producing Code

It is that part which does something and returns the result . …

Amina laabidi

I am a full-stack web developer javascript specialist Front-End

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